Phone Number - (954) 815-3926

Services Provided:


• Physical Therapy

• Athletic Training

• Custom Conditioning Programs

• Dance Rehab

• Referral Services


Conditions Treated:


• Orthopedic Injuries

• Dance Injuries

• Neurological Conditions

• Pre and Post Surgery

• Spine Pathologies


Treatment Techniques Used:


• Core Training

• Pilates Technique (Mat and Equipment)

• Joint Mobilization

• Myofascial Release

• Massage

• Relaxation Techniques

• Resistance Training

• Neuro-Developmental and PNF Techniques

• Hot and Cold Modalities

• Ultrasound/ Electrical Stimulation



We provide a one-on-one treatment in a quiet, comfortable environment for our patients.


We treat patients of all ages and those with special conditions or precautions (e.g. diabetes, cardiac disease, stroke, etc.)


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